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Alexis is a singer and voice over artist
Voice Over Demo
Listen or download her commercial voice over demo here. 
Voice Over Demo - Alexis DawTyne
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Alexis will soon be making a guest appearance on Big Disney Energy
a podcast by Tyler Meredith
Tyler and her guests explore everything from the magic to the tragic on this adults-only Disney recap podcast. 

Stay tuned for the episode release date, and find out which Disney movie they discuss...
Featured artist on Marauderville's album Osmanthus

Alexis is a featured vocalist on the debut EP Osmanthus by Casey Morris otherwise known as Marauderville. 

                Upcoming live shows pending due to COVID-19

               She's learning the harmonica too!

Alexis is a classically trained vocalist who specializes in belting 
Music by Jonathan Reid Gealt 
Accompaniment by Young Whun Kim
When She Loved Me
From the movie motion picture 
Toy Story 2
With You
Music by Avril Lavigne
Accompaniment by Acousit Club
Audition submission for Porchlight Theatre
To Make You Feel My Love
Music by Adele 
Sung by Alexis DawTyne
Featuring & accompanied by Ian Maryfield
All My Hope
Music by Crowder 
Sung by Chelsea DawTyne
Featuring Alexis DawTyne
Accompaniment by Jordan Pettis
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