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Want a wintery decoration without getting hit in the face by Christmas? Check out this floating frame of Pine Needle Variations. You can even keep it up all winter long. 


In order to make this piece I simply went to my local Christmas Tree Lot and asked for scraps! They were more than happy to oblige and the result was marvelous.


Each branch is uniquely picked and dipped in wax to maintain its fresh quality. Choose from 3 different floating frame styles. Don't let your tree scraps go to waste, get inspired to make your own crafts this holiday season. 


*please note* each order is made (with love) free-hand and therefore will vary slightly.

Pine Needle Variations

  • Handmade item


    Customizable item



    real pine needle variations | 11X14in floating frame | needles sealed with matte wax



    11X14 in frame


    Frame Styles:


    Charcoal Finish - wood frame

    White Finish - wood frame

    Black Finish - wood frame


    Recommended interior decor


    When you buy from one of my collections, 20% of your purchase is donated to the organization(s) of your choice. At checkout, you will be asked which of 5 organizations you would like to support. Read more about each amazing group here.


    Please allow 5 - 18 days for the crafting process. 

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