Have a mask that you love, but it's just too plain? Let's customize it!  Choose your thread color(s), a phrase, quote, and/or picture you'd like embroidered on your mask - making a personalized statement to the world.


If you have a photo you'd like to share as a sample...feel free to email me at alexisdawtyne@gmail.com


 The design you choose will be hand-stitched. Let's get creative! 


*please note* each order is made (with love) free-hand and therefore will vary slightly.

Mask Embroidery

  • Handmade item


    Customizable item



    Embroidery Thread


    When you buy from one of my collections, 20% of your purchase is donated to the organization(s) of your choice. At checkout, you will be asked which of 5 organizations you would like to support. Read more about each amazing group here.


    Please allow 5-18 days for the crafting process.

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