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A lovely, modern way to display your favorite prints, posters and artwork.

This vintage inspired wooden hanger makes it easy to frame your artwork and add personality to your walls. These solid wooden frames are a fresh take on the traditional picture frame and the result is more tactile and spontaneous.  Easier and quicker than traditional framing, our solid birch hangers, which are handmade, allow you to change your wall art to suit your mood!

These frames are even customizable. You can choose your own style with different clip options and stain colors.  AND they are made strong enough to hold any type of paper, canvas, or fabric.  They hold your artwork in place and make changing the art easy. 


 Upgrade your art and give your space a relaxed feel, with a design edge with these Clip Wood Board Frames. 


*please note* each order is homemade (with love) free-hand and therefore will vary slightly.

Customizable Clip Wood Board Frame

  • Handmade item


    Customizable item



    birch wood | metal clip | sawtooth hanger | protective bumper



    6 x 8 frame (holds 4 x 6)

    7 x 9 frame (holds 5 x 7)

    10 x 12 frame (holds 8 x 10)

    13 x 16 frame (holds 11 x 14)

    18 x 22 frame (holds 16 x 20)

    22 x 32 frame (holds 20 x 30)

    26 x 38 frame ( holds 24 x 36)

    38 x 50 frame (holds 36 x 48)

    custom frame - when you order a custom frame, there may be some additional charges after purchase depending on the quantity of materials used. 


    Decorative use.


    Due to natural wood variations, finished stained wood color can vary. Though I sand every piece of wood so as to smooth it out, some pieces may come with typical wood characteristics such as knots, streaks, and rough spots.


    This type of frame offers no protection to your art and is not recommended for fragile, expensive, or irreplaceable art. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur.


    When you buy from one of my collections, 20% of your purchase is donated to the organization(s) of your choice. At checkout, you will be asked which of 5 organizations you would like to support. Read more about each amazing group here.


    please allow 5 - 18 days for the crafting process.

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