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October 21, 2015

Smith’s interrogation team plays multiple roles over the course of the production, providing live reenactments of various events he describes. This does help enliven the production, and gives Alexis DawTyne’s cheerfully profane Julia a chance to shine. [...]many of "Past" Smith and Julia’s scenes are sincere and sweet, in spite of being reenacted by interrogators."


October 18, 2015

The audience thus follows Winston's carefully clandestine involvement with Julia, a free-spirited, earthy young woman. All 12 actors perform with strength and precision.The play, however, focuses mainly on the Winston-Julia love affair and their manipulation by inquisitor O'Brien into betrayal."


April 20, 2015

The cast is simply outstanding. It’s not so much that any one of them steals the show; rather, they seem to take turns stealing the show and passing it around. They share the spotlight admirably, and everyone gets a chance to shine brightly. Even so, special attention must be paid to the work of Jace Jamison with a brassy Alexis DawTyne."

The Drowsy Chaperone

October 08, 2014

Standout characterizations belong to[...] Alexis DawTyne, as little Eurydice lost. DawTyne is both simmering in her blue wig and kick-ass boots, and plays well of her suitors-the menacing boy in a cage, Shawn Pereira, and the always easy and engaging David Monahan. Her interactions with Pereira are seductive and deadly, and pairing with Monahan has a sweet development and an easy sexuality that makes their moments sizzle."

Polaroid Stories

June 11, 2012

 Yet there’s giggly pleasure tucked into nearly every nook and cranny in this Guys & Dolls, be it in the oversize wardrobe hanging from Ben Isabel’s ironically named Big Jule, or the daffy happiness radiating from Alexis DawTyne’s silent comic Agatha."

Guys & Dolls

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