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It all starts with a connection to your body.
Then you can begin to explore what you're capable of.
When you trust your body, you have a powerful tool for communicating a story.

|   actor   |   vocalist  |   mover   |  craftivist

Alexis is an incredibly physical actor. Her body is one of her strengths, both intuitively and physically. She strives for physical truth in her work. She believes how you respect your body influences how you move through the world. 


Movement has always been a part of Alexis' life. She began both playing sports and dancing in a studio around the age of 3 and continued as a skilled athlete for most of her upbringing. Her diverse physical background has equipped her for both the dance and fight worlds, as well as any other physically demanding roles. 

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A whole-body workout that burns calories while toning and shaping. You'll build stamina with our athletic movements set to music in an aerobic format that will improve your coordination and agility.


with Alexis DawTyne

  • self-confidence

  • positive habit building

  • connection with your body

  • impulse awareness

  • functional movement and mobility

  • push through limits you've unknowingly placed on yourself

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Improve fitness

Feel the energy

Maximize cardio stamina

Alexis is a group fitness instructor certified in Les Mills BODYATTACK
schedule pending due to COVID-19

All people. All bodies. All experience levels.

The gym is where you push yourself, rehearsal is where you unleash it. 
Unarmed Fight
SAFD Certification Test fight
Featuring Sam Babick  
Single Sword Fight
SAFD Certification Test fight
Featuring Sam Babick  
Give your body the space it needs to play
Hiking the Observation Point Trail in Zion National Park
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